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Welcome to WP Happens: The Art & Science of WordPress

Let me guess, your WordPress website is a mess? To be honest, I’d be surprised if it were not. Forget about the leftover plugins from 2017 still lurking in your admin panel, WordPress has undergone some serious core changes, almost quarterly, since 2019. On top of it, I am guessing your marketing department has also strangled it with a few too many “tracking” codes?


WordPress. It happens.

WP Happens can help.

Despite being it 20 years old and still experiencing growing pains, WordPress continues to be accessibility-ready, translation-ready and screen reader-ready. WordPress is aligned with national and international accessibility and privacy laws including Section 508 in the US and GDPR in the EU, plus a bunch of other “compliants” that you may not have even heard of, or can keep track of, or even realize how they apply to you or your business.

At the risk of sounding like a WordPress fan girl, there are very few other services that pay attention to being globally accessible, compliant, responsive, and inclusive. I’ve seen small business owners abandon WordPress in favor of other platforms that are not open source, that appear to be easier at first but have hefty monthly fees, and then they still ended up needing my help to keep their websites clean and SEO-friendly anyway. Or worse, not having any control over features like SEO and privacy (my idea of “easy” does not mean not having the feature at all!).

I have been a full stack WordPress developer since 2010. I have created and spun-off businesses from the WordPress platform – businesses that have grown and flourished beyond my original hopes & dreams since I spun them off!

Let’s work together! Connect with Bonnie at +1 (541) 788-0725 or hello@wphappens.com!