About Bonnie

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed., (she/they) ~ Full Stack WordPress Developer

Bonnie Walker, M.Ed.
Full Stack WordPress Developer
WP Happens Owner & Founder

Bonnie is a full stack WordPress developer who enjoys working on projects from small to large. Her 25+ years of experience in finance, education, arts, wellness, business, technology, nonprofit, and start-ups, in addition to her lived experience as a special needs mom and the primary care giver for her disabled veteran dad, lend to her expertise in as a Full Stack WordPress Developer and business consultant.

“I’ve always been a ‘hyphenate’. In college I majored in Math, minored in Dance and was President of the Debate Team. I have the passion and vision of an artist, critical thinking of a mathematician, tech savvy of a web developer and entrepreneur, and I can talk you into anything!”

Bonnie enjoys using her professional expertise and lived experiences to help small-medium sized businesses create the websites they need to fulfill their own mission statements.

Work with me! Contact Bonnie at hello@wphappens.com or 541-788-0725

Credits: The laptop with a teacup photo is so me, so I have to give a shout out to: Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 from Pixabay