WP Happens is a boutique web development agency from Hood River, Oregon that specializes in WordPress development and deployment.

Mission Statement | WP Happen’s mission is to help small – medium sized businesses get the most out of WordPress in support of their own business mission.

Vision Statement | Our vision is that everyone who wants one, has a clean, shiny, and secure WordPress site that seamlessly contributes to their own business mission.

Anti-Racism Statement | Throughout the United States and in Oregon, where WP Happens operates, there is a history of racial exclusion, violence, and land theft that has left a legacy of injustice that endures today. We know our mission and vision cannot be realized until we dismantle white supremacy and are willing to share power and resources. We recognize that our own past and current actions and inactions have reinforced systemic racism in business, technology, and beyond.

We are committed to an ongoing learning process around privilege, power, inequality, systems of oppression, and in using our web development and consulting to be an agent of change. We acknowledge that this work is urgent, while at the same time, it also requires patience and dedication for the long term.

For starters, we will create access to and inclusivity in technology by eliminating barriers to entry such as not having fixed “packages”, no required minimums, or no required retainers.

As we work to dismantle systems of oppression in technology, in ourselves, and in society, we know that we will make mistakes. Our goal is to give ourselves the space to work through those mistakes, to accept the insight from those who help us recognize our missteps, while also accepting that it is our sole responsibility to acknowledge and rectify those mistakes.