WordPress Cleanups

Due to the nature of websites breaking, becoming insecure, or just needing a good cleanup, I don’t have specific dates and names in order to maintain client confidentiality. It happens to the best of us! Significant milestones in the “Your WordPress Sucks. Bonnie can fix it.” journey include:

2019 – For busy business owners who assume that WordPress is “set it and forget” (wouldn’t that be nice?), the first launch of WordPress’ “Gutenberg” block editing system broke any website that had an older “custom” theme (that they likely had paid a lot of money for at some point in the past). I had to pause other work in order to rescue several local businesses who couldn’t understand why they couldn’t update their WordPress website anymore. Even in 2023, Gutenberg is still in development and can still be tricky for any WordPress theme that uses its own block editor either on top of, around, or in addition to Gutenberg.

2015 – As social media became more and more of a thing, I began to take on WordPress audits to find and streamline the many, many broken and conflicting social media plugins and tracking codes. Marketing teams were adding them in many different places such as functions.php in their themes, in the code editor in the WordPress admin panel, in plugins, etc. Their corporate security colleagues couldn’t find them all and didn’t have time, so I was brought on in order to track them all down, sanitize them and make sure the various feeds and trackers from all different social media platforms could co-exist together peacefully and securely.

Photo credit: Image by Peace,love,happiness from Pixabay