GrantSoup During the pandemic, I responded to the need in my community by focusing on grant writing. However, that didn’t stop me from geeking out with WordPress! When I got fed up with the messy spreadsheets nonprofits call their “grant research” I did what I always do and hacked my WordPress Website. Grant writing is very competitive. GrantSoup is a plugin for WordPress that helps nonprofits prioritize grant funding opportunities to position their applications for the best chance of success. That may sound obvious, but most nonprofits only apply to foundations where they know someone, or worse, they prioritize by deadlines. Creating GrantSoup helped me help several community-based nonprofits win over $4.5million in grant awards in under 3 years.

At this time, as far as my WordPress portfolio goes, this website is mainly an example of a pre-launch, “let’s collect some contact info while we’re in development” type of website. Since I wrote it while in the throws of meeting grant deadlines, I am in the process of cleaning up the plugin code and making it ready for public consumption as an open source WordPress plugin and will provide code samples once that is ready!