After I sold Web Baby Shower, I thought I was going to become a yoga teacher. Well, I did become a yoga teacher. I just didn’t stop using, hacking, or developing in WordPress!

When I was teaching yoga, I couldn’t swallow how the commercial studio platforms charged independent yoga teachers the same as if they were a large studio. So, as per usual, I started to create my own studio management tools in WordPress. Unfortunately, life got in the way of this project really ever getting anywhere besides me using it for my own yoga teaching (which is fine!). I still have some code samples that I will get around to sharing, eventually.

I have recently re-opened in order to talk about the reasons why I left “the yoga industry” and to refocus my practice on dismantling system racism and sexism, colonialization, and cultural appropriation in yoga (and everywhere!). The image on this page is the stock image I use on the website, by Jill Wellington from Pixabay.